Slice Ceramic Seam Ripper Blades with Pointed Tip


The Slice® 10537 Seam Ripper Blades (Pointed Tip) offer an exceptionally narrow tip that slides easily into the space between very small stitches.

Because of their smooth construction, they catch and cut thread without the tugging that could result in damage to the surrounding fabric.

Please note: this product comes in a pack of 4 Blades

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The 10537 blade is ideal for picking the first stitches in a seam or other detailed work requiring a point, such as weeding vinyl in the sign industry.

As with all Slice blades, the edge features our proprietary finger-friendly® grind that cuts effectively and is safe to the touch.

The 10537 blades are compatible with both the 10596 and 10597 seam ripper handles, as well as both craft knife handles, the Precision Knife, and the 10568 scalpel handle.


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