Ceramic Auto-retractable Mini Cutter
Slice auto and manual retractable mini cutter with replaceable ceramic blade
Slice Mini ceramic cutters

Auto or Manual retractable Mini Cutter features an integrated magnet into the handle.

Slice Folding Utility Safety Knife
Slice folding utility knife with replaceable ceramic blades
Slice Folding Utility Knife

With quick-release lock button and unfold a safe effective utility blade

Slice Precision Cutter with Micro Ceramic Blade
Slice precision cutter with changeable ceramic blade
Slice Precision Cutter

Durable, glass-filled nylon handle holds the replaceable micro-ceramic blade cartridge

Slice Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper
Slice auto retractable utility scraper with replaceable ceramic blade
Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper

Reinforced nylon handle with soft grips and rounded-tip ceramic safety blade

Slice Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper
Slice auto retractable seam ripper with replaceable ceramic blade
Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper

Slice seam ripper handles have a long, thin profile and are made of durable glass-filled nylon.

Slice Manual Carton Cutter
Slice manual carton cutter with replaceable ceramic blades
Slice Manual Carton Cutter

Its exposed blade length and angle is ideal for boxboard and thin corrugated cardboard

Slice Manual Metal-Handle Utility Knife
Slice manual retractable metal handle utility knife with replaceable ceramic blade
Manual Metal-Handle Utility Knife

A traditional utility knife, with a thick, heavy texture metal handle for a comfortable grip and three different cutting depths

Slice Large Ceramic Scissors
Slice ceramic scissors
Slice large ceramic scissors

Slice proprietary safety blades cut materials effectively but are much safer to touch than standard blades

Welcome to Slice in Greece

Interbrush presents in the Greek market the innovative products of Slice, so that you can cut safely!

Slice cutting tools increase productivity and reduce injuries and combine excellent value for money.

Slice ceramic tools achieve a safer, more comfortable and more efficient cut.

Slice products were created by a team of selected engineers and designers, worldwide, who took into account everyday objects such as scissors, scissors, scrapers and developed them for the benefit of the operator.

Slice products are now used in major industries around the world!

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