Slice Ceramic Industrial Blade with Rounded Tip


The Slice® 10538 Industrial Blade (Rounded Tip) comes installed in our industrial knives, which are intended to tackle deeper cuts into thick materials like insulation and foam.

10538 is also compatible with the upcoming 10599 Long-Handled Scraper. Total blade length is 12 centimeters (4.72 inches).

Please note: this product comes in a pack of 4 Blades

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Once installed in our 10559 or 10560 handles, the blade extends for a cutting depth of 7.6 centimeters (2.99 inches).

The rounded-tip offers extra protection against accidental punctures, while our safer finger-friendly® edge is safer to touch than standard blades.

As with all Slice blades, the 10538 Industrial Blade is non-magnetic, non-sparking, non-conductive, chemically inert, and never rusts.


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