Auto-Retractable Mini Scraper


The Slice® 10590 Auto-Retractable Mini Scraper combines the compact size of our 10594 Manual Mini Scraper with the innovative SureScrape™ feature of our 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper.

Ideal for small spaces and awkward angles, the 10590 is a convenient, pocketable tool for any small-scale scraping job.

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Slice developed SureScrape, an ergonomic mechanism that absorbs kick-back resistance force, so your thumb doesn’t have to.

This unique advantage makes auto-retraction a viable option and adds to the 10590’s safety credentials.

In addition to ergonomic advances and spring-loaded retraction, this mini scraper features a Slice safety blade, which is safe to the touch and finger friendly® due to our proprietary blade manufacturing process.


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